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Introducing the Munch Food Company

Keith Goddard Catering is proud to introduce Munch Food Company as its brand that will focus on delivering the ultimate nutritional lunches. This is a premium yet affordable delivery service, featuring delicious food prepared by Keith Goddard and his expert team of chefs that is ideal for boardroom meetings. From healthy lunch boxes to laying on complete buffets in your office, there is nothing this team cannot do.

Munch Food Company 2The premise is simple; gourmet food prepared by chefs, delivered straight to your desk. Munch Food Company promises food packed full of flavour and ideal for breaking the monotony of the go-to high street lunch destinations. The lunch menu is packed full of flavoursome ingredients, delicious marinated protein and classic favourite desserts. Expect restaurant quality food, made with fresh and seasonal ingredients, to make the ideal office lunch.
Munch Food Company 3


With a strong existing client list featuring Boston Consulting Group and Blackstone, Munch Food Company has become renowned for its gourmet delivery service. Whether it is a means to facilitate a client lunch, to reward staff after a tough deadline, to welcome new members to the team, or even to help maintain momentum and morale during a trying project, Munch Food Company brings enticing food without you ever having to leave the office.


“We want to be able to offer office workers the chance to have a tasty, nutritious meal packed with flavour,” says chef and founder Keith Goddard. “Sometimes corporate offices are fully catered and we offer a chance for them to taste new, fresh flavours and offer something different on those special occasions. It is important to me that the menu, look and taste of the food is of Michelin quality and we have worked hard to create this.”

Seasonal menus will change every eight weeks. Prices start from £20 per person for lunch. For orders, please contact, or call 020 7627 8930.