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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The O2 and Gleneagles join list of ‘gems’ exhibiting at Champagne & Ice

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The UK’s premier entertainment spaces have signed up to join more than 30 hidden and not-so-hidden gems at the inaugural Champagne & Ice Networking Event in London on 4 November. The event has been conceived by award-winning representation and marketing agency RAM Org. “We wanted to create something special; an experience that mixed the different […]

Oprah sues conman who posed as her PA to get free gifts

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Media mogul Oprah Winfrey has won a legal battle against a man who once posed as her former personal assistant to get a job and various valuable gifts. A federal court judge granted Winfrey and her TV network an injunction against notorious con artist Justin Jackson. Jackson, who once posed as Madonna’s manager to steal […]

PAs have 11th-best job for work-life balance

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Job-listing and recruitment site Glassdoor recently released a list of 20 of the best jobs for a healthy work-life balance based on employee feedback. The title of “personal assistant” came in at number 11 with a better-than-average rating. The ratings are based on a five-point scale, with one being “very dissatisfied”, three being “okay” and […]

Anger makes women less influential than men

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Researchers at Arizona State University in the US have found substantial evidence of the workplace double standard against women. A recent study shows that women who express anger are punished, while men are rewarded with support. The study asked students to participate in a mock jury simulation in which two groups of six were given […]

Productivity can soar when working from home

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More than 24 million Americans work from home at least some of the time. The ability to set your own office hours and take calls from your comfy sofa make working from home? Yes please!  But as more professionals seek the arrangement and more employers agree to it — there has been a 103% increase since […]

Is workplace stress shortening your life?

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On Tuesday 27 October, live on air, the Outnumbered panel debated new research from Stanford and Harvard on whether worplace stress is shortening your life.   Every day stress isn’t good for your health but extra worry at work may add a couple of years off your life. A new study shows that men and women are at […]