Oprah sues conman who posed as her PA to get free gifts

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Media mogul Oprah Winfrey has won a legal battle against a man who once posed as her former personal assistant to get a job and various valuable gifts. A federal court judge granted Winfrey and her TV network an injunction against notorious con artist Justin Jackson.

Jackson, who once posed as Madonna’s manager to steal more than £1.5 million of jewellery, also claimed to be Oprah’s nephew and impersonated basketball player Reggie Love and Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) executive Scott Garner. He is a convicted criminal with a long list of offenses against celebrities.

Court papers reveal that Oprah detailed a catalogue of attempts by Jackson to gain benefits by using her name, including:
He offered to have the former TV host make an appearance at a hotel he was trying to get a job with.
He once contacted a real estate agent in Miami posing as Scott Garner looking for homes for Oprah.
He produced fake OWN stationery to write a letter to Perry Ellis International to get a job, incurring a trademark infringement.
He also sent multiple letters pretending to be Oprah soliciting free gifts for her show.

The judge granted Oprah and employees of the OWN a permanent injunction against Jackson, which prevents him from using her or her employees’ names for personal or professional gain.

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