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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Researchers find bacteria lurking in coffee machines

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Do you reach for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Have a coffee pod machine? Researchers have found up to 67 different types of bacteria lurking in those machines in offices and homes. But don’t panic; the researchers from the University of Valencia says the bacteria was found in drip trays below […]

5 ways to survive the return to work

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Aside from a lucky few who have extended the festive period by using some of their 2016 holiday entitlement, most of us have been slammed back into reality following Christmas. You’ve had IT reset your passwords because you’ve forgotten them and you’re already pining for the weekend. Writing for The Guardian, Hannah Jane Parkinson has […]

New changes for the PA Life team

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PA Life is pleased to announce the exciting news that our Features Writer, Molly Dyson has been promoted to Deputy Editor. Since joining Forum Events, Molly has gone from strength to strength, firmly positioning herself as one of the key commentators in the industry thanks to her broad knowledge base, solid writing skills and positive […]

6 sexist remarks regularly heard at work

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Despite gains in gender equality in the workplace, sexist comments haven’t disappeared.   Have you ever referred to a group of adult women at work as “girls?” Have you reflexively asked only women to take notes at meetings? Despite major advances in gender equality in the workplace, old pieces of sexism linger. 1. “You probably […]

Cult Wines expands into Asia as it sees 105% growth in profits

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Cult Wines, a specialist in the acquisition & investment management of fine wines, today announces that it is set to open a new office in Hong Kong to take advantage of increasing demand in Asia for investing in fine wine.   Cult Wines, which was ranked 40th in The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 2015, has seen […]