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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Survey highlights the science of HR can help to futureproof businesses

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In the era of digital transformation the HR function of most businesses is still way off putting technology at its heart, according to research undertaken on more than 200 HR professionals and 2,000 employees. The survey, commissioned by Access Group and carried out by Arlington Research, found that manual processes are still predominantly being used […]

Turned down for a pay rise?

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UK office workers are the most likely in Europe to look for a new job if they request a payrise but are turned down, according to new research by specialist recruitment firm Robert Half. The research found that more than half (54%) of UK employees plan to ask for a salary increase this year. While […]

Millennials and employers clashing at work

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Millennials and employers clash at work because of different expectations, and that’s leading to some of them getting fired.
 Three factors drive the firings, according to Inc. Millennials expect too much from employers. They want extensive training and mentoring that goes beyond the financial interest of the business. They also carry an “anti-work attitude” that […]

The thought of getting emails at night causes stress

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Busy PAs know all too well that the temptation to check emails and messages one last time before bed is sometimes overwhelming. While it’s nice to know you won’t miss anything important, research shows that just knowing you might get an email after office hours is enough to stress you out. A recent study led […]