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Friday, March 11, 2016

Working longer hours increases the risk of heart disease

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A decades-long study of nearly 2,000 office workers has revealed a correlation between the number of hours worked and heart health. The results show that working longer hours increases the risk of heart disease. The study by the University of Texas School of Public Health followed 1,926 men and women from 1986 to 2011, keeping […]

Businesses shifting pension allowance risk to employees

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Employers are shifting the responsibility of ensuring pension contributions do not break new lower annual allowances to staff, research from employee benefits consultancy Portus shows. Its study among HR directors across a range of sectors shows 60% of companies will ensure staff are fully informed of new rules but will rely on higher earners to […]

PAs to benefit from two-hour extended lunch break at the Conference and Hospitality Show 2016

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The Conference and Hospitality Show has launched a concentrated two-hour programme for PAs to get the most out of the show during an extended lunch break. The show takes place on Tuesday, 26 April in Central Leeds at the world-class First Direct Arena and has been created specifically to help busy PAs improve their skills, […]

Employers need to take action to tackle gender inequality

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As the consultation closes on the Government’s draft gender pay reporting regulations today, new research findings based on a survey of more than 1,000 employers and HR professionals show that a minority of organisations currently conduct any gender pay analysis, as well as the limited action being taken by employers to address the causes of […]

Friday fun: unusual places to work

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Nobody ever said your workplace has to be a boring, bog-standard office. The Telegraph recently did some searching and found a few pretty unusual alternatives to the typical setting in London. Tired of dry land? Head to Surrey Quays or Regents Canal for boats that can be rented out for as little as £25 a […]