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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Hays UK Salary & Recruiting Trends 2016 report

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The PA and secretarial market has, for the first time since the end of the recession, seen the PA-to-Manager ratio decrease significantly, with large organisations and smaller companies introducing PAs to their business again. The increased demand for PAs has pushed salaries up, some increasing by up to 8%, with an average salary increase for […]

App of the week: Streaks

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Welcome to our new weekly spotlight on helpful apps. We’ll focus on a variety of products that are useful for work, personal use, or both, providing our own thoughts on the apps and what you can do with them. This week’s spotlight: Streaks. An intro to Streaks Available on iPhone and Apple Watch, Streaks is […]

4 simple tips to follow when driving for work

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Driving is a method of self-reliant transport we take for granted every day. However well we think we drive, we still get distracted and that causes us to make mistakes. If you’ve got to drive for work, it’s even more important to not make errors, as you’re representing your employer on the road. Aviva’s recent […]

Firefox and Chrome users more committed at work

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Techies around the world often argue about which web browser is the best, but new research shows your choice might say more about your work habits. Studies show Firefox and Google Chrome users are more dedicated to their jobs than those who pick Microsoft Internet Explorer. Professor Adam Grant released the findings of research conducted […]