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4 simple tips to follow when driving for work

Tips for driving for work

Driving is a method of self-reliant transport we take for granted every day. However well we think we drive, we still get distracted and that causes us to make mistakes. If you’ve got to drive for work, it’s even more important to not make errors, as you’re representing your employer on the road. Aviva’s recent survey on safe driving revealed that more than three-quarters of us think we’re good drivers, however 57% of people admitted to either texting or talking on the phone while behind the wheel. Aviva has put together a few handy tips for you to consider when you’re driving for work.

Pull over
If you need to make a quick phone call to work or a client, or to eat your lunch on the way to another job, just pull over into a safe place and take a minute to do your necessary tasks. If you’re driving for long hours, pre-plan stops every couple of hours to avoid getting tired or distracted.

Pre-plan routes for work
Using a GPS can sometimes distract you from putting your full concentration on the road and it can get you lost; the last thing you need before a meeting is to be late or stressed out. Research your routes in advance in case there’s unexpected road works or alternative ways to get to your final destination; you’ll also be less likely to take a wrong turn if you have a rough idea of where you’re going already.

Turn it down
Be mindful of how loud you have your music or the radio turned up, as you won’t be able to hear if another vehicle is getting to close to you. Loud music is also linked to aggressive driving, so make sure the volume is low so that you’re not stressed and anxious before an important meeting.

Concentrate on the task at hand
If you’re driving for work, make sure you focus on how you’re driving. Making this your primary focus will help you get to work or to a client promptly and kicking bad driving habits will reflect well on you and your employer.

Multi-tasking is a common way of completing tasks during work hours, however when driving for work you should only focus on the road.

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