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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

App of the month review coming soon…

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Helping to keep the wheels of business turning, technology has become vital in these challenging times. From Zoom and Microsoft Teams to Nifty and, we are all looking for ways to increase our productivity through technology and that is way PA Life has launched ‘App of the month’. Plandisc, is the world’s first digital […]

One businesswoman proves business start-ups can still thrive despite COVID

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As the admin and business support services sector continues to rise, one Northamptonshire virtual assistant is proving that business start-ups can still succeed in the changing landscape. Sarah Damani, from Wellingborough, recently celebrated her first business birthday having launched her Alchemy Virtual Assistance (VA) Hub in December 2019, three months before the pandemic when high business birth […]

Digital Skills: A Key Element For PAs Wishing To Rise Up Their Career Ladder

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By Cassie Elias Digital-first initiatives have become a priority for top companies across the globe, with around 70% of companies currently having a digital strategy in place or being in the process of commencing one. These strategies involve not only the adoption of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, cloud, and blockchain, but also involve creating the right […]

Home working Brits say 22% of video calls freeze

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Work from home Brits have had to put up with 22 per cent of the video calls they do freezing, and 15 per cent cutting out altogether – because of bad Wi-Fi, a study has found. Research polling 2,000 adults found they have done an average of five video calls a week since the start […]

London’s first App for all electric black taxi service

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Launched last year, PERSY London Limited is London’s first APP for an all electric black taxi service. Dedicated to offering a high-quality professional service, all drivers are qualified with London’s “knowledge”, CRB checked and have LEVC TXE Electric six-seater taxis. PERSY London’s green credentials are in line with the LEVC TXE taxi that the drivers use (electric only), […]