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Helping to keep the wheels of business turning, technology has become vital in these challenging times.

From Zoom and Microsoft Teams to Nifty and, we are all looking for ways to increase our productivity through technology and that is way PA Life has launched ‘App of the month’.

Plandisc, is the world’s first digital circular planning tool and has just launched in the UK. Ideal for visualising organisational flow, Plandisc originated as a planning tool for schools but all kinds of organisations soon adopted Plandisc for their planning processes. Plandisc is compatible with Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint and is typically embedded on a company’s intranet to make it accessible to all employees.

Sanne Olsen, Manager – Digital Marketing, Wonderful Copenhagen, said: “We use Plandisc for campaign and content management – with Plandisc it is easy to share information with external stakeholders and vendors of content – and we have visualised all our events throughout the year.”

Amy Feng, Program coordinator, SOS Children’s Villages, added:“We use Plandisc to plan our applications and reporting to foundations, so that we have a better overview of the workload during peak seasons, and therefore better coordinate the team. We also make the year plan of training, workshops and events as well as field trips more visible. The next step is to share our field trip plans with colleagues from other departments who also have travel needs. With Plandisc we can more easily find synergies in our trips and make use of our resources more efficiently.”

The Plandisc circular overview helps create organisation-wide transparency and alignment by coordinating plans between departments such as finance, sales and marketing and can be updated easily and efficiently as plans change.

For more information or if you would like to test out the ‘App of the month’ please get in touch at

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