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Friday, January 29, 2021

Wellbeing Round Up

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Throughout the month of January, PA Life has been focusing on the topic wellbeing. We hope this has been useful and here are some of the top stories from the past month… Video: Say no to New Year’s resolutions New Year’s resolutions can often feel a bit negative and are usually about things that you […]

REVIEW: App of the month

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Plandisc, is the world’s first digital, shareable and interactive circular planning tool. In Scandinavia a circular calendar (referred to as a disk or wheel) is often used in business to help plan annual activities across an organisation. Plandisc has brought this idea to the UK along with Microsoft integrations to help PAs, EAs, VAs and […]

The truth behind your poor office set-up

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In 2018, it was reported that the majority of UK office workers, around 81% in fact, spent between four and nine hours sitting at their desk each day. That’s a lot of hours racked up in a sedentary position. And when health experts in recent times have attributed prolonged sitting to increased risk of cardiometabolic […]

Have you experienced ageism in the workplace?

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Over two fifths of older workers have experienced age discrimination at work, with the recruitment process being the worst offender, according to a survey. The survey of more than 600 workers aged 50 and over, sponsored by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and UBS, found that 44% had experienced age discrimination at work compared to 41% […]

How to get out of the passenger seat of your own life

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PUSH, a leading wellbeing and performance company, has launched the must-have e-book for 2021, offering the “bloody simple” tools and knowledge to take back control of our behaviours, feelings and wellbeing – in and out of the workplace. After a year of unknowns and a general fear of the phrase ‘the new normal’, 2021 High Potential Hacks sets out to show students, […]