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How to get out of the passenger seat of your own life

PUSH, a leading wellbeing and performance company, has launched the must-have e-book for 2021, offering the “bloody simple” tools and knowledge to take back control of our behaviours, feelings and wellbeing – in and out of the workplace.

After a year of unknowns and a general fear of the phrase ‘the new normal’, 2021 High Potential Hacks sets out to show students, employees and retirees alike, that actually, the only person in control of your life, is you.  

In celebration of World Mental Health Day in 2020, PUSH founder, Cate Murden, interviewed 16 esteemed people who had all battled with their own mental health journeys: from alcoholism to burnout. Each of these brilliant individuals employed daily behaviours and hacks to not only manage their mental health but consistently perform at their best and reach their potential.

With essential insight from Cate, these hacks have been translated into a toolkit that promises to help you make the best of a year you have been led (by your own thoughts, or others) to believe has no promise.

Founder and author, Cate Murden explains what 2020 has done to shape this view and how it might actually be the saviour of our wellbeing: “Covid democratised mental health – helping us all to realise (or admit) the impact that external events have on how we’re thinking and feeling. In times past, it was easy to ignore such concerns, simply continuing to plough our own furrow without recognising the price of our labours. But as various wise people have said for millennia, ‘It’s not what happens to you in life which counts, but how you interpret and deal with it.’

Now we’re seeing what impact this merry-go-round of strive and strife is having upon us all. So, perhaps it’s the case that the ‘new normal’ has a place for better recognition of mental health and well-being and to want far better for both of these than we ever have done previously.

With an understanding that 2021 is going to look a lot different to anything previously planned, the wise will realise that different tools and frameworks are needed to not only get through the year but to manage and excel at it. 

Cate, said: “This is why we’re launching our 2021 High-Potential Hack Toolkit. Now is the time to take back your power, prioritise yourself and see this year for its possibilities, not its prospective setbacks. This e-book contains everything that you or your teams might need to help you keep going, reach your potential and thrive whatever the circumstances.”

Featuring sections, including ‘fight fear and flee your comfort zone’ and ‘developing self-belief to manage unwanted noise’, readers will learn everything from how to set boundaries and self-audit, through to the unassailable knowledge of when to give ‘less of a f*ck’. Each bite-sized life lesson also ends with five easy-to-follow steps, tips or challenges, to further affirm that you are the master of your own destiny.  

High Potential Hacks is more than just a guide to get you through 2021, it’s a plan for how to live a mindful future, one where you are in control. “Because at the end of the day”, adds, Cate, “everything starts with us and NOW is the time to create the future each of us truly deserve”. 

For more information on how PUSH can support you during lockdown, visit and to book contact  

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