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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Is your business comms setup costing you time and money?

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More than half of UK businesses could be losing time and money by failing to adopt a consolidated approach to business communications, according to a new survey conducted by smart IP communications provider Fuse 2 Communications. The survey of more than 500 employers and employees found that 52% of businesses are currently relying on separate […]

UK lagging behind Europe for pension provision

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Retirees have put in decades of time and effort as part of their working life to prepare for retirement, counting on their pension to help maintain a comfortable future. However, the quality of state pensions varies drastically based on where you live – But which countries around the world have the best systems? Blacktower Financial […]

Hybrid working: Staff feel more trusted and motivated

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New research from Kadence (formerly Chargifi) has revealed that after a year of flexible working, almost two-thirds of US and UK office workers (62%) now feel more trusted to do their job effectively. Of those workers, half also feel more motivated to do a better quality job (51%) and go the extra mile (48%) thanks […]

New delivered food firm urges companies to pause for lunch

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A new delivered food service has launched to provide sound nutrition for employees, whether they’re working from home or at the office. Love Lunches encourages employers to recognise the importance of pausing for lunch, ensuring time away from the desk and eating a wholesome, healthy meal as part of the employee welfare policy, to deliver […]

Can company culture survive another Covid winter?

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Now more than ever, boosting staff engagement and morale is absolutely imperative and it is important for the whole team to stay connected. Digital marketing agency Spindogs has been working hard to keep its entire team engaged since the start of the pandemic. Amanda Williams, Community Coordinator at Spindogs shares her top tips for motivating […]