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    New delivered food firm urges companies to pause for lunch

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    A new delivered food service has launched to provide sound nutrition for employees, whether they’re working from home or at the office.

    Love Lunches encourages employers to recognise the importance of pausing for lunch, ensuring time away from the desk and eating a wholesome, healthy meal as part of the employee welfare policy, to deliver a positive impact on mental and physical wellness, staff morale and even improved performance and productivity.

    Love Lunches will initially launch with a choice of 13 balanced lunch options, complemented by a range of drinks, snacks and other tasty treats, as well as helpful guidance and advice for staff to make sure they acknowledge the need to not simply eat at their desks.

    The portfolio of meals caters for a range of dietary requirements including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. All food is presented in recyclable packaging and delivered directly via a nationwide delivery service to the home (or office) enabling employees to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal break without any effort – or cost – on their part. This represents a valuable and highly desirable benefit which underpins the employer’s commitment to optimising staff wellbeing.

    Jessica Wicks, founder of Love Lunches explained: “For too long, lunch has become an often neglected, yet essential element of the working day routine. There needs to be a cultural shift within business and a move away from the rushed sandwich eaten hastily at the desk, rather actively encouraging staff to take time out and find time for other activities, to effectively recharge the batteries and re-energise the body and mind.

    “This is such a simple and obvious step for employers to take, providing instant results and in line with offering perks such as private health insurance. Workplace wellbeing is integral to a company’s success, eating well has so many proven benefits such as increasing energy, concentration, and alertness, supporting the body’s natural immune system and thus cutting down on absenteeism, curbing obesity and boosting creativity and happiness. According to research by BUPA, almost a third of UK workers usually eat lunch at their desk yet a US survey found that nearly 90% of the workers surveyed reported feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work following a lunch break, contributing to believing they were more effective, efficient, and valued as an employee.

    “The provision of a delivered lunch service to employees is a powerful weapon to position a company as a responsible and caring organisation, encouraging improved staff performance, employee retention and aiding recruitment by attracting high calibre personnel.”

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