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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

73% of UK workers would choose next employer on flexible tech and wellbeing provision

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A survey of hybrid-office and home-based UK workers shows 73% believe that the provision of ergonomic work conditions, as well as support for their health, will play a bigger role when choosing a company to work for. The survey by Ergotron revealed that younger generations surveyed place special importance on this, with 100% of workers […]

Silverstone Conference & Exhibition Centre signs pledge for ‘Net Zero Carbon Events

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Silverstone International Conference & Exhibition Centre has signed the ‘Net Zero Carbon Events’ pledge, a joint commitment across the events and meetings industry to achieve the targets laid out in the Paris Climate Accord. The pledge commits organisations to achieve ‘net zero’ by 2050, at the latest, and halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The […]

The Season of Scrooge? Almost half of employees don’t expect to receive a Christmas gift from their employer

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With the festive season almost upon us, 88% of employees state they would like to receive a gift from their employer as we finish up for the holidays. And, after another tough year defined by the pandemic, employees no longer see gifting as just a ‘nice to have’. In fact, 45% of employees state that […]

Why upskilling is more important now than ever before

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Up until a few years ago, obtaining your undergraduate degree was a pass to the vast world of employment. Unfortunately, a higher education certificate might not take you that far nowadays. Upskilling – the evolution of a person’s abilities and career path – has become a buzzword in today’s job ambience. Both employees and employers […]

Why sustainability is important for businesses – but planting a tree isn’t the answer…

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By Neil Bradbrook, MD, Ahead Business Consulting As the dust settles on COP26, which rather predictably failed to fulfil hopes and promises, the obvious question is: what next? Pandemics excepted, COPs normally take place every year. COP26 was important – not because Scotland was hosting, but because it is five COPs on from Paris, where […]