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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Top interview tips for candidates

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Job interviews can cause even the most confident individual to feel nervous. Here experts provide their top five tips for bossing it… Lean forward to show you’re engaged Liz Sebag‑Montefiore, Director and Co‑Founder of 10Eighty, suggests that leaning forward when answering a question in a job interview lets your interviewer know you’re engaged and paying attention. In […]

LVP Launches Mindful & Wellness Packages

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Lime Venue Portfolio has launched three new packages, as part of its Meetings for Change initiative, that put sustainability, mindfulness, and wellness at the forefront of the meeting experience. The initiative has been put in place following findings from the brand’s Beyond Food reports, specifically the chapter on Food & Mental Health, and the need […]

The best and worst countries for paid annual leave revealed

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We could all use some time off, especially under the extremely stressful times we currently live in. Rest can do wonders for our creativity and problem-solving, and neglecting time off work can have an impact on work productivity.  In fact, 70% of workers agree that they feel fatigued if they go too long without a break. […]

Become a PA Life Recommended Supplier!

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PA Life offers a unique opportunity to place your brand, services and solutions in front of 20,000 senior Executive and Personal Assistants, all of whom have significant purchasing power. The PA Life Recommended Supplier Directory offers a range of benefits and package options that include; • A company profile (up to 140 words max) • Logo and […]

Here’s how Britain’s sick pay compares to the rest of the world

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Sick pay has become a contentious topic in recent times, with the UK government recently announcing that people sick with Covid will not be able to claim statutory sick pay until their fourth day off. With an increase of +238% for the term ‘statutory sick pay UK’, a new report by The Compensation Experts has ranked […]