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Here’s how Britain’s sick pay compares to the rest of the world

Sick pay has become a contentious topic in recent times, with the UK government recently announcing that people sick with Covid will not be able to claim statutory sick pay until their fourth day off.

With an increase of +238% for the term ‘statutory sick pay UK’, a new report by The Compensation Experts has ranked European Nations on how well they compensate their citizens in times of ill health.

The ten best countries in Europe for sick pay

Iceland leads the way in Europe for their workers’ sick pay package. Employees across the Nordic nation are entitled to an impressive 100% of their wage for a minimum of two days for every month they’ve been in employment.

Trailing closely, fellow Northern European nations Norway and Denmark also offer great sick pay entitlement; each provides nationals with 100% of their salary, with the Norwegian government covering a worker for up to a year, and Danes covered for up to 22 weeks within a nine-month period.

The top ten European countries for sick pay can be seen below:

Ranking Country Minimum % of wage that can be paid during sick leave Maximum period allowed off as statutory sick pay
1 Iceland 100% 2 days for each week worked
2 Norway 100% 52 weeks
3 Luxembourg 100% 89 weeks
4 Denmark 100% 30 days + 22 weeks
5 Austria 50% 78 weeks
6 Germany 70% 84 weeks
7 Finland 70% 44 weeks
8 Switzerland 80% 103 weeks
9 Monaco €146.67 per day / 90% salary Determined by employee contract
10 Montenegro 70% 65 days*

The ten worst countries in Europe for sick pay

Malta might be known for stunning views and sun, but it’s been revealed as the worst country in Europe for sick pay, only paying employees €420.30 per month.

Ireland and the United Kingdom follow closely behind – with Ireland’s sick pay being determined by employee contract type and the UK paying only £96.35 per week, for up to 28 weeks.

The ten worst countries for sick pay in Europe can be seen below:

Ranking (1 being the worst) Country Minimum % of wage that can be paid during sick leave Maximum period allowed off as statutory sick pay
1 Malta €420.30 per month. 22 weeks
2 Ireland No legal minimum sick pay Determined by employee contract
3 United Kingdom £96.35 per week 28 weeks
4 Ukraine 50% 5 days*
5 Slovakia 25% 53 weeks
6 France 50% 26 weeks
7 Italy 50% 26 weeks
8 Greece 50% Length of employment dependent
9 Andorra 53% 156 weeks
10 Russia 50% Determined by a doctor

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