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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Christmas party mistakes that could get you FIRED!

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, but in the world of office festivities! The line between holiday cheer and professional jeopardy can be thinner than a strand of tinsel… The legal experts at Top Rated Law have teamed up with BACP registered counsellor, Georgina Sturmer, to reveal the workplace Christmas party mistakes that could get your FIRED! […]

10 minutes with ex-Celebrity PA Merryl Futerman, author of Don’t Make a Scene

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Merryl started her career in publishing. Lured by the bright lights of showbusiness, she moved to the film industry, but quickly realised the lifestyle didn’t suit her. Having recognised her skill set as forming individual relationships, she set up as a freelance Celebrity PA, truly believing it was a role she had created. Over the […]

Top 9 cost-effective corporate retreats for your team

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As a PA or EA, you understand the importance of team morale and avoiding employee burnout. Team building activities can work wonders, as you probably know all too well. However, there are always challenges with planning everything involved with such activities in the right way. Dakota Murphey, freelance writer on workplace wellbeing, has put together […]