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Top 9 cost-effective corporate retreats for your team

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As a PA or EA, you understand the importance of team morale and avoiding employee burnout. Team building activities can work wonders, as you probably know all too well. However, there are always challenges with planning everything involved with such activities in the right way. Dakota Murphey, freelance writer on workplace wellbeing, has put together a great guide of top 9 cost-effective corporate retreats.

Not only are there the venue and activity considerations, but there is also increased pressure to execute the plans to a tee. Moreover, the consequences of getting it wrong can weigh heavily on the mind. This is even more imperative when you consider ‌research that shows employees who are invested in and passionate about their work are consistently outperforming and staying longer than those who aren’t as enthusiastic.

Ultimately, you want to invigorate and inspire your teams to continue their hard work with the right kinds of incentives. 

Not everybody shares the same passions and interests, but with the right corporate activities and, in many cases, getaways funded on the company’s books, you can tick many individual boxes.

Why consider a corporate retreat for your team?

Remote work and employee work-life balance have become higher priorities for staff, and companies need to balance this effectively by instilling regular bonding and quality time amongst colleagues to maintain team morale and uphold company culture. Spending too much time apart may mean that employee connections are less robust, which, coupled with increasing workloads makes for a very volatile and burnt-out team. Employers cannot ignore the fact that, according to ‌recent HSE data, work-related ill health is soaring, with 40% of employees believing work has made them unwell in some capacity.

So how can PAs and EAs ensure the best of all worlds with these growing and evolving demands?

Planning a proper corporate ‌retreat can be just the answer. Not only can these retreats allow staff to recharge their batteries and get some much-needed rest and relaxation, but also allow colleagues the opportunity to strengthen their friendships and bonds with one another. Company retreats can be excellent team-building and morale-boosting experiences whatever you plan to do, but doing it on a budget may be a concern. While jetting off to a beachfront resort in Montenegro for a week might seem out of reach, it doesn’t have to be. With some savvy planning and preparation, you can arrange an indulgent getaway that rejuvenates your team without it costing the earth.

Looking for some inspiration for your next getaway? Take a look at these cost-effective corporate retreat ideas to give yourself some food for thought next year.

1. Opt for a private villa rental

As opposed to booking multiple hotel rooms for your team, you may find cost savings by renting a private villa in the UK or even somewhere sunnier like Marbella. Many villas at home and overseas accommodate large groups of people, meaning that nightly rates can be split more evenly, with many sites offering curated rentals at better prices than 5-star hotels.

Similarly, many provide home-like amenities like built-in kitchens for self-catering and to save money on expensive meals out. The additional space in villas means that other luxuries like game rooms, home cinemas, swimming pools and other relaxation spaces are often taken advantage of. They’re a great place for your team to unwind and socialise while enjoying new and unfamiliar surroundings.

2. Book an all-inclusive resort package

All-inclusive resorts will bundle accommodation costs, dining, activities and other extras into a fixed price. This makes ‌trip planning easier, more stress-free, and locks in most of the costs upfront. If your team likes enjoying a range of activities from spas, wellbeing and relaxation breaks to watersports and hiking, then an all-inclusive company retreat package might be just what they need to feel more energised.

With accommodation, dining, and entertainment all bundled into one comprehensive rate, you can discover excellent deals for a resort company retreat.

3. Rent Holiday Homes

Holiday homes and Airbnb properties offer decent spaces at highly affordable prices. Cottages, flats, apartments, bungalows and even detached houses featuring multiple bedrooms, large communal areas and gardens can be just what your team needs to escape for a few days. 

You can find a plethora of properties in the UK and abroad for decent rates, whether looking for something more secluded, tranquil and remote, or something firmly nestled into the urban fabric of a bustling city. Gathering everyone under one or several roofs offers a great way for teams to bond, indulge in new places and take part in group activities with ease and enthusiasm.

4. Take Over a Small Boutique Hotel

There are several boutique hotels, inns and B&Bs (bed and breakfasts) that allow you to book an entire property for a private group event. While this may come at a higher rate than booking individual rooms, you will feel a sense of privacy having an entire boutique property to yourself. 

The exclusive atmosphere, lack of other guests and ample facilities like kitchens, gardens and communal spaces means you can get a cosy space to unwind in while enjoying plenty of other activities on offer. Your hotel may even offer discounted tickets or group bookings to local facilities, so it’s worth exploring your options.

5. Plan a Multi-Day Stay at a Country House Hotel

Booking multiple nights at a country house hotel, such as a cottage, manor or estate wing, provides a peaceful and relaxing setting for your team. 

For ‌properties located far off the beaten track, away from the city, your team can step out of their regular environment and engage in activities that promote bonding and team spirit, in a serene, rural atmosphere. You often get group activities included as well as on-site restaurants, bars, and bistros readily available to enjoy.

6. Explore a Secluded Resort

For the ultimate secluded retreat, rent out a private resort, like those in the Isle of Wight, arguably the sunniest place in the UK. With stunning cliff walks, rolling hills, and an excess of pebbly beaches, it’s a scenic getaway from the hustle and bustle of city living. 

Team building activities range from paddle boarding, fishing and sailing to wine tasting, hiking or archery, meaning there’s bound to be something for all to enjoy. The summer is a perfect time to let your team explore their wild side in a cost-effective and secluded atmosphere.

7. Take a Villa Group Tour

For an effortless group trip abroad, book a villa holiday package. You can find plenty of luxury villa bundles online that include accommodation, flights, transfers, and many other facets coordinated, leaving you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and surroundings of your exotic destination. 

You and your team can relax and enjoy while all other parts of the trip itinerary are handled and overseen by your tour guides. These can be pricey, but during shoulder seasons, like autumn, costs drop significantly, and it’s an ideal opportunity to harness the power of the season for well being too. 

8. Book a Camping or Glamping Retreat

For a back-to-basics team-building experience, plan a luxury camping getaway. The UK itself has plenty of pristine, scenic camping sites that allow you to get lost in nature, but there are plenty of others abroad too. 

You can get lavish amenities like upscale accommodations beneath the stars, as well as shared amenities and facilities. It’s a small price to pay for an outdoor escape in a beautiful natural setting that offers a much-needed recluse.

9. Explore Wellness Retreats

Immerse your team in relaxation and rejuvenation at an affordable wellness retreat, where your team can indulge in spa treatments, yoga, wholesome dining and other invigorating activities. 

Many of these packages are affordable and offer a perfect getaway from work and life’s daily stresses, leaving your team feeling re-energised after a few days of relaxation.

With savvy planning, you can treat your team to a luxurious, relaxing corporate retreat without breaking the bank. Opt for all-inclusive packages, shared accommodation, shoulder season deals, and locations beyond traditional luxury haunts. You’ll return refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world.