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Friday, May 3, 2024

How will the bank holiday impact our sleep schedules?

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Oxford Partnership predicts that drinkers will quaff up to 52.8 million pints of draught beer and cider across the May bank holiday weekend. This boozy bank holiday could lead to a ‘jet lag’ in over 33 million Brits, who are predicted to be drinking this weekend. Mattress Online’s sleep expert, James Wilson – otherwise known […]

Why are regular company events important for retention?

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In today’s fast-moving landscape, a company’s ability to foster a strong team identity is more important than ever. That’s where regular company events are an important part of keeping employees happy, aiding retention. Hugo Campbell, co-founder of Togather, a platform that helps you find supplier for your events… Retaining employees is now statistically more difficult […]

PA Life Club’s FAM Trip to Eastside Rooms and Aloft Eastside Birmingham

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PA Life Club members had a pleasure of visiting Birmingham on April 25th and 26th to experience the hospitality at the city’s latest addition of fantastic event spaces. The FAM Trip to The Eastside Rooms and the overnight stay at the venue’s 4* Aloft Birmingham Eastside was one of the the highlights of our event […]