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Thursday, May 9, 2024

Professional development for PAs in the modern workplace

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In today’s fast-paced professional landscape, Personal Assistants (PAs) are more than administrative support; they are strategic partners driving organisational success. I’ve met awesome operational ninjas among the various communities out there and I know how much importance PAs place on their own professional development to “keep up” and add value. As a 41-year-old second-time founder, […]

Successful Events offers Successful Services! 

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Tailored event service with a personal touch, saving you time and money! Successful Events discusses how they can deliver you all that and more… We understand that sometimes, you’ll want to know the benefits of working with a company before you try them out, that’s why we’re here to explain! Let’s talk about the value of […]

Stunning meeting and event spaces in Hampshire and Isle of Wight

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Let’s explore some of the most stunning meeting and event spaces in Hampshire & Isle of Wight with MEET Beyond London… Hop on a train from central London, and in less than 50 minutes, you’re in Hampshire. It’s a county with 1,400 square miles of breathtaking coastline, picturesque countryside, and vibrant urban culture. Making it […]