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Successful Events offers Successful Services! 


Tailored event service with a personal touch, saving you time and money! Successful Events discusses how they can deliver you all that and more…

We understand that sometimes, you’ll want to know the benefits of working with a company before you try them out, that’s why we’re here to explain! Let’s talk about the value of working in close partnership with a venue finding agency and event management company like ourselves, Successful Events. 

Our top tips for successful events

As creating an event is all about keeping people engaged and encapsulating your audience from the moment you announce your event, it’s key to make it one to remember! Here are our top tips for planning your event: 


Arguably the most important element, it’s essential to identify the purpose of your event, this will help create a captivating event and will in-turn bring unique topics and themes to drive interest and engagement to your event.  


Raising awareness and excitement about your event is key to reaching a broad audience and ensuring participation. Sending out emails and driving social media presence prior to the event will create engagement and momentum.


Immersive experiences drive attendee engagement, set your event apart from others and are much more memorable. Attendees like to feel like their event was tailor-made and specifically designed for them, not that they are attending yet another lacklustre event.  

Our team at Successful Events

We’re all about the bespoke service here at Successful Events! We like to pride ourselves on our ability to plan ahead and always be prepared. We are a team of four and have are very meticulous with our approach, making sure every detail has been thought out! We wholeheartedly believe in a tailored approach, and brings a wealth of knowledge with us that will guide you through the whole event planning process, offering full pre and post event support every step of the way. 

Between the four of us, we have 40 years of events’ experience that we would love to share with you! It’s fair to say that we pride ourselves on our passion for events, it’s truly what we love to do. Offering a professional service is something we aim for every day, and nothing brings us more satisfaction than reaching the end goal along with you! 


A good plan of action means there is a solution to every scenario, and a back-up plan if not! Successful Events are flexible, have great attention to detail and can put things together fast and think on our feet. With years of experience, we can pay attention to all the small details for you, so you can focus on other areas and leave the event in our capable hands! 


We’ll have many meetings with you to discuss a clear vision of the end result so the elements can come together seamlessly, our aim is always to ensure you have a ‘Successful Event’ – pardon the pun! 


When you’re next looking for support with venue finding and event management, our dedicated team are here to assist you to ensure you receive a first-class level of service, your experienced event coordinator will support you every step of the way.  

Our 2024 special offer for you

We are running a promotion at the moment to all PAs and EAs who organise conferences and events. If you book an event with Successful Events over £3,000 that confirms before the end of the year but can take place anytime, then you would receive £50 in high street shopping vouchers, a Fortnum & Mason gift box or a Nespresso coffee machine as our way of saying thanks! 


We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can bring your event ideas to life! 

07970 919969 


We are thrilled to have Successful Events as a Recommended Supplier.