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      2nd mpu In Depth

      Five apps to increased productivity

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      Have you ever sat down at your desk, switched on your computer, opened your emails and then stared blankly at the screen not knowing what to do next? Yep, we’ve all been there. And in our increasingly ‘always on’ working world, the volume of distractions can be overwhelming. But there is help out there – […]

      How to create festive cheer to last the year

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      Nigel Arnett, ‘The Butler Service’ Concierge Manager at Cartwright & Butler, offers some advice on corporate gifting… With Christmas just around the corner, companies of all sizes are beginning to consider their plans for the season. With 95 per cent of businesses choosing to invest in corporate gifting, it’s without doubt a vital part of […]

      Business Travel Show’s David Chapple on why 2018’s event is bigger than ever

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      With a range of new start-ups joining this year, Business Travel Show (BTS) 2018 is an event not to be missed. David Chapple, event director for the BTS, reveals what’s in store to celebrate the expo’s 24th anniversary and why it’s a testament to the growth of the business travel market. This year marks the […]

      What to expect from office* 2018

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      Recognised as one of the biggest events of the year for PAs and EAs, Olympia London will welcome office* once again, and it’s set to boast more training sessions and suppliers than ever before. Jade Burke catches up with event director, Duncan Siegle, to find out what sets next year’s event apart from previous shows. […]