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    How to Stress Less

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    How to Stress Less: simple ways to stop worrying and take control of your future by Benjamin Bonetti (Capstone, £10.99) This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn some easy ways to manage pressure in their lives. The premise is that we don’t “have” stress, we “do” stress; it is our […]

    Walking Tall

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    Walking Tall: key steps to total image impact – Lesley Everett (Self-published, £10.99) Although this book isn’t specifically targeted at PA’s, it’s a great reference and training book for any office professional wishing to update their appearance and enhance their personal brand. The author encourages you to take a look through your wardrobe and gives […]


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    Friendship – Emily Gould (Virago, £14.99) I read this book in the hopes that it would be a touching story about gal pals and found myself delving into the challenging tale of two women who have to grow up fast at the age of 30. While the situations faced by the main characters can be […]

    The Cherry Blossom Murder

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    The Cherry Blossom Murder – Fran Pickering (CreateSpace, £7.99) When a Tokyo-based Londoner finds a body under the blooming cherry blossom, she sets out to track down the killer and stop them striking again. This book is an enthralling romp through glitz, intrigue, theatre and sake, with a dash of the humble cup of tea […]

    The Language of Flowers

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    The Language of Flowers – Vanessa Diffenbaugh (Random House, £6.99) This novel is based around the romantic Victorian language of flowers – the symbolic meanings people placed on specific plants to convey emotion to loved ones. It’s a beautiful story about Victoria, a girl given into care, and the profound difference a foster mother made […]

    Feel Good

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    Feel Good: how to change your mood and cope with whatever comes your way – Dr Shane Pascoe and Dr Graham Law (Capstone, £10.99) This is a practical and well-written guide to help you understand why you feel the way you do and how to deal with your own moods, as well as other people’s. […]

    The Edge

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    The Edge: how the best get better – Michael Heppell (Hodder & Stoughton, £13.99) This isn’t a book about living on the edge. It’s about having “the edge”, defining your own unique selling point and what makes you brilliant. With just one look at the content list, you’ll know this is worth a read. It […]

    Gone for Good

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    Gone for Good – David Bell (Penguin, £7.99) A quarrel results in Elizabeth Hampton not speaking to her mother for weeks and events take a tragic turn when the police call to say she has been found dead. When she arrives at the scene, it transpires that she was murdered. The rising energy of this […]

    Face to Face in the Workplace

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    Face to Face in the Workplace – Julie Cooper (Spring Publishing, £20) This is a great reference guide for understanding behaviour during one-to-one conversations in the workplace. Perhaps it’s not the first book a PA would pick up and use, but the topics it covers gives great advice for all sorts of outcomes and would […]

    Showing Up

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    Showing Up: how to make a greater impact at work – Tim Robson (Capstone, £14.99) Although this book is written in an easy-to-read style, at first I found it hard to engage with the subject. I’m not sure I would have continued to read it under ordinary circumstances, but I’m glad I persevered. The idea […]