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10 minutes with Shane Williams, Gravity Max Wandsworth


PA Life spoke to Shane Williams, Director of Sales at Gravity Max, home of exhilarating entertainment and events. Shane has been with the business over five years and has 15 years’ experience of working within the leisure and hospitality industry… 


Shane Williams

Gravity Max is a high energy entertainment venue. What’s unique about it?

Gravity Max, part of Gravity Active Entertainment, presents a unique venue proposition that has become increasingly significant in the post-pandemic era.

Gravity Max venues, like the flagship store in Liverpool ONE, are unique in their blend of advanced technology and a wide range of activities. These include augmented reality (AR) bowling, Hologate VR, one of the only indoor multi-level e-karting tracks, and immersive Gamebox experiences.

The venues also offer a variety of dining options and bars, contributing to a comprehensive entertainment experience all under one roof. No other UK venue with a similar entertainment concept to us can boast to have all this under one roof.

What do you offer at corporate events? And what support and facilities can PAs and other event organisers expect?

Gravity Max is equipped to cater to multiple corporate event needs from teambuilding days to meetings. Our event hosts are at hand to support our corporate guests during the event as standard and are also available to our private groups for a small fee.

We offer a range of spaces and environments for private events, including bar and cocktail spaces, conference facilities and private hire spaces designed and set up to your own personal specifications, with event staff and hosts on hand to support and make your event run smoothly.

Have you seen differences in company event requests in the post-pandemic era?

Post-pandemic, the leisure and entertainment sectors have seen shifts in demands. Gravity Max has launched new concepts since the pandemic to cater for this. We’ve seen an appetite for more group activities, with an increased focus on team building and staff events. There is more demand for venues that offer varied and engaging experiences to rejuvenate team dynamics.

What advice would you give to PAs planning events for their teams and clients, perhaps for the first time?

For Personal and Executive Assistants and event organizers, it’s crucial to consider the diversity of activities and the flexibility of space. Venues like Gravity Max, with their wide range of activities, can cater to different interests and group sizes.

Understanding the technology and interactive elements of the venue can help in maximizing the event’s impact. I’d advice that you visit and experience the space and the activities ahead of your event to ensure they are appropriate for you demographic and event purpose.

Are you currently offering any special corporate event packages?

At Gravity Max we often offer seasonal or special event packages, with seasonal changes in our menus. It would be best to check our official website or contact the events team directly for the latest offerings, or email the team at

We also often change up our in-store entertainment and have a regular “what’s on” notice board with various offers and promotions.

What are your clients typically looking for when they book with you?

Clients typically seek a unique, engaging experience that combines entertainment with social interaction. The variety of activities, technology-driven experiences, and food and beverage options are significant attractions.

The ability to cater to different age groups and interests, making it suitable for corporate events, family outings, and social gatherings, is also a key factor.

For enquiries and bookings please email the corporate event team at

For a look of the venue and action please see Gravity’s YouTube channel. 


PA Life Club members visited Gravity Max Wandsworth to experience what the venue has to offer.