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Make your summer party memorable – Ben Levy


What if the work social this year wasn’t just fun, but unforgettable?

So, what exactly do I do…?

My name is Ben Levy. I’m a Doctor of Psychology and professional magician. I have spent the past twenty years performing sleight of hand and sleight of mind, purely for entertainment and fun. You’re in safe hands!

I shape people’s perceptions of what is possible using a combination of psychology and sleight of hand. Among other things, I create apparently impossible coincidences, predict your choices, influence your decisions, reveal words and images that reside only in your mind.

Rabbits out of hats this ain’t.

I’m a different kind of magician for a different kind of party.

Every company and every event is different, so I have created a range of packages for you to choose from:

  • If you’re looking for a personalised show that gets everyone involved and jaws dropping, my Mind Magic experience is the perfect fit.
  • If you’d like something a bit less formal but no less magical, I’ll bring the impossible to your guests…right up close.
  • And if you’d prefer something more intimate and unexpected, Secret Sessions is just right. But remember, it’s a secret (Sssh!).

With over 130 five-star Google Reviews and having amazed McKinsey, Straumann and dozens more, you can rely on me to deliver something truly special.

I want to help you turn the next event into the one that everyone talks about.

Get in touch to find out more and for a live demonstration.

You won’t regret- or forget- it.




Ben was absolutely amazing! We had him for our party and he didn’t disappoint! His show was the highlight of the night, it was full of surprises and left us all speechless! He was so professional and easy to work with. Will definitely use him for future events. – KEREN LEVY, PATRON LAW


We invited Ben to a standing reception dinner party we organized in Covent Garden, and he amazed us all with his magic!

Thank you for bringing so much pleasure and adding extra to the event. I am still trying to work out how he does his tricks. Hope to see you again, Ben! – DARIA GRABOWSKA, MCKINSEY AND CO


We booked Ben for a Covid-19 safe work event. He was brilliant. The show was dumbfounding, we were literally speechless with amazement. He engages his audience like a true professional. We were amazed and amused in equal measure. First class entertainment! Cannot recommend highly enough. – PHILIP FREIBERGER, FDP