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    And finally… something for the boss

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    At PA Life we’re devoted to bringing you the very latest news, tips, advice and recommendations on a whole smorgasbord of topics that we hope are of interest to you in your professional lives.

    Since our most popular stories seem to be those that provide suggestions on how to engender a better working relationship with your manager, we thought we’d ensure you get even more brownie points by bringing you a selection of news items of interest to the boss. In this edition, we take a look at some revealing questions to ask during an interview to get to know a candidate better.

    It’s important for a potential new recruit to be prepared for an interview, but the hiring executive should also think about the questions he or she wants to ask. Here are some of the favourites from executives around the world.

    Who do you most admire and why?
    The answer to this one shows you who the candidate is, who he or she aspires to be and whether they can fit in with your company’s culture. They will either answer honestly or tell you what you want to hear.

    In your last performance review, what areas for improvement were identified?
    Honesty illuminates self-awareness and potential weaknesses. The response can be verified with the previous employer and you can ask what progress has been made to improve.

    Why are you here?
    Posing this question as soon as the candidate sits down will shock them, but they will recover and hopefully detail their passion for the industry, letting you know if they’re really interested in working for you.

    If you were the owner of your favourite sports team, how would you make it better?
    Asking questions about a person’s hobby is a unique way to make them think on their feet. If they come up with specific changes and evidence to back it up, it proves they can form a valid argument without awkward pauses.

    What is your passion?
    Passion leads to success. If the candidate can convince you of his or her dedication to the industry and their career, you know they’re serious about working for you.

    Tell me about a time you had a delayed project.
    Ask about specifics on the prospect’s CV that may be similar to something they’ll potentially experience in their new role. The answer provides insight into their level of critical thinking, adaptability, awareness of their impact and creativity.

    Describe an environment in which you would not thrive.
    This is a rather unusual request, so the candidate is less likely to have a scripted or standard response, forcing them to give you an honest answer that reveals aspects of their personality that may not have come to light otherwise.

    If you could do anything, what would be your ideal job?
    A CV details a person’s past experience, but it’s important to learn about their future aspirations in order to get the best read on whether they’re right for the job.

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