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Corporate hotspots in the UK and the best cities for business


As corporate giants thrive, and the UK’s entrepreneurial hubs witness the birth of over 700,000 new registered businesses annually, one question stands out: where are the corporate hotspots in the UK and the most favourable cities for business success?

Eager to find out which locations in the UK are home to the most corporate giants, experts at Alan Boswell Commercial Insurance looked into the UK cities with the largest companies.

The UK hotspots for corporate giants

Rank City County  No. of

Large Companies 

% of Large Companies 
1 London London 132 55.00%
2 Edinburgh Midlothian 8 3.33%
3 Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne and Wear 5 2.08%
4 Cambridge Cambridgeshire 4 1.67%
=5 Bristol Bristol 3 1.25%
=5 Leeds West Yorkshire 3 1.25%
=5 Manchester Greater Manchester 3 1.25%
=5 Warrington Cheshire 3 1.25%
=9 Abingdon Oxfordshire 2 0.83%
=9 Bath Somerset 2 0.83%

Please see the full data set here.

Not surprisingly, topping the list is London, with 132 of the UK’s largest businesses headquartered in the capital. London, as a global financial hub, hosts the headquarters of major players in the financial sector, such as HSBC, The London Stock Exchange, and Prudential PLC. Furthermore, the city serves as a base for tech companies like Spectris PLC, Endava PLC, and Kainos Group PLC.

Securing the second spot is Edinburgh, home to eight of the UK’s major corporate players. Renowned as a financial powerhouse, the city hosts the headquarters of significant firms like Natwest Group PLC, Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC, and Monks Investment Trust, cementing its status as a financial epicentre.

Securing the third position is Newcastle upon Tyne, boasting a total of 5 of the large businesses. This vibrant city is a hub for diverse sectors, housing consumer staples like Greggs, consumer discretionary leaders such as Bellway, real estate players like Grainger PLC, and financial institutions including Virgin Money Limited PLC.

Rounding off the top five are Cambridge, home to four of the UK’s largest companies, and Bristol, with three of the largest companies in the UK.

These 10 cities are rates the best in the UK for rising a family.