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10 things to stop worrying about at work

Your job is hard enough between booking your boss’s business trip and rearranging his or her diary without adding trivial things to your stress. Rhymer Rigby from The Telegraph presents 10 things you should stop worrying about at work.

1 Perfectionism
Don’t try to give 100% on every single task. Focus on the ones that matter and then do a good enough job on the others.

2 Office gossip
Don’t go out of your way to find out about possible internal employee movement unless it directly affects you. If it’s important, an announcement will be made.

3 Sick days
Nobody likes having a sick colleague in the office, so don’t be afraid to take a sick day if you really need it. You’re only human, after all.

4 Holidays
Your holiday entitlement is included in your contract for a reason. Don’t worry about what won’t get done while you’re away. Just plan ahead and enjoy some relaxation.

5 Checking emails
Productivity tips always suggest setting times for looking at non-urgent emails. They won’t disappear if you don’t check them every two minutes.

6 Revenge
If you’re turned down for a promotion, don’t fret about who actually got the job. He or she applied just like you, but they turned out to be more qualified. Take it as an opportunity to improve your skills so you get the next one.

7 Doing a bit of online browsing
If you regularly perform work tasks from home after hours, don’t be ashamed to do a bit of personal ‘life admin’ at work, so long as you’re still getting your work done.

8 Meetings
Not every meeting will be important to your job. Find out what the agenda is for every one you’re invited to and only go to the ones that really matter to your role.

9 Competition
Unless you’re aspiring to get the promotion Sally just received, it’s no good being jealous of her. There may always be a colleague who’s more talented than you, but that’s no reason to get yourself in a state over it.

10 Praise from the boss
Let’s face it – not all bosses are amazing managers who constantly praise their employees. Get to know your boss so you’re not disappointed if he or she doesn’t give you a pat on the back for a job well done.

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