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10 ways to sneak in exercise at work

The winter months turn some people into hermits. Cold weather can make it difficult to get out and exercise; it’s more tempting to go home and hibernate after work. But marketing blogger Lindsay Kolowich has put together 10 tips to sneak in a workout during office hours.

1 Make your commute a workout
While it’s hard to get moving when it’s cold, Lindsay recommends using your commute to get fit. Try walking, running, or cycling if you live close enough. If not, get off the bus or train early and walk the rest of the way. You’ll get fresh air and the movement will keep you refreshed for the rest of the day.

2 Exercise during lunch
Rather than sitting at your desk or heading out a local restaurant, get physical during your lunch break by hitting the gym or going for a jog or swim. The activity will ensure you don’t hit an afternoon slump so long as you still eat a balanced meal.

3 Get a stability ball
There’s tonnes of research out there that suggests sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious health problems. So instead of a chair, get a large stability ball to sit on. The nature of the ball means your body is constantly working to balance itself without interrupting your thought processes. It helps strengthen abdominal muscles and can even increase your attention span.

4 Take a break
The best thing you can do for yourself is get up for short breaks throughout the day to stretch your legs and straighten your back. Walk around the office to catch up with colleagues rather than emailing or calling them. Even that light movement burns calories and gives your mind a minute to rest and reset.

5 Stand up during long phone conversations
Unless you need to be on your computer, stand up and pace around your desk when you take phone calls. It’s the perfect excuse for a stretch and can do wonders for your back.

6 Speed walk
PAs run a lot of errands for their bosses. If you need to leave the office, try speed walking to your destination. It means you won’t miss a workout if you have a lot to do.

7 Take the long way
Take the stairs instead of the lift or park farther away from your office. Regular, low-intensity exercise boosts your energy levels and can help you achieve step goals.

8 Join a fitness club at work
The best motivation comes from colleagues with similar goals. Get everybody to band together and exercise together, or even just to meet and talk about what you’ve done recently to get fit.

9 Stretch
Even if you don’t have time to get up and wander around the office, it’s important to stretch at regular intervals to keep your blood flowing. Stand up and sit down several times without using your hands for stability, do some trunk twists, extend your legs and roll out the tension in your shoulders and neck.

10 Do secret workouts at your desk
Exercise doesn’t always have to be about jumping on a treadmill and sweating it out. Even while you’re sitting at your desk, you can do ab, leg and arm work. Tighten your abs or squeeze your glutes and hold it for 30 seconds, then repeat it 10 times. A stress ball or hand gripper can help tone arm muscles.

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