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2016 is the year to love workplace technology

Technology has made our personal lives much easier over the last year. Now it’s time for work to be improved by innovations, according to VMware’s Noah Wasmer. In a guest column for Forbes, he predicts four things that will allow employees to love work in 2016.

1 Employees will be twice as productive in half the time
Only 6% of the apps people need to do their jobs are currently available on mobile. However, Noah predicts that IT departments will wise up and start developing apps that staff can use on the go and external companies will release kit for business use. This will help people stay productive even if they’re away from their desktop.

2 Eliminating blocks will drive user experience
As more processes are streamlined for mobile and desktops, it will become essential to remove roadblocks such as VPNs and passwords. This will deliver a more delightful user experience and encourage them to use the apps more often. It also simplifies processes to increase output.

3 Single-purpose apps will change workflows
Noah says the amount of red tape the average worker encounters is a major barrier to productivity. They spend too much time waiting for approval and getting caught up in processes. Small apps will be developed that eliminate hours of tracking and allow employees to spend more time on important tasks.

4 The “I” in CIO will change from “information” to “insight”
Chief information officers and their IT departments are the ones who have access to strategic insights into the way employees use existing systems. It’s their job to use the information to provide better solutions for the team in order to increase productivity and lower talent turnover and operational costs.

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