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4 ways to define trust at work

Trust is important in any professional relationship, especially in that between an executive and his or her PA. But talent management specialist Meghan M Biro says the nature of how trust functions has changed. These are her tips for defining the term in the modern workplace.

1 Accept innovation
Biro gives the example of Uber, which came out of innovation from a group of employees who went above and beyond to create a new product. “Since there was no time to bring a new idea to life during regular business hours, they created and organised it during a two-day workathon over the weekend,” she says. The lesson is to keep an open mind when it comes to innovating and improving the way you work.

2 Value individual autonomy
A study by Deloitte shows that 87% of organisations cite culture and engagement as a top challenge, while 12% of employees are more motivated by work passion than career ambition. Workplaces must therefore place self-motivation as a priority to allow individuals to grow, learn and push themselves.

3 Don’t be afraid of emotions
Trust is a very personal thing, not just a business tool. A lack of confidence in the company can stir up a storm of emotions. It’s up to management to lead with intelligence to avoid resentment and opacity.

4 Understand the need for friends
Biro points to a recent study that shows groups of friends are more capable of performing tasks together than strangers and that carries in to the business world. Teams need to be able to connect as ‘friends’ and changing work environments – telecommuting and switching roles, for instance – prevents lasting relationships from forming. Foster interaction with group activities.

Biro comments that trust increases engagement, productivity, communication and decrease attrition.

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