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5 hacks to making your workplace greener

workplace greener

The future of office sustainability is going to become even more important going forward, with plastics destroying the oceans and forests being cut down to create the endless amounts of paper we use. But what small changes can you do that’ll have a big difference? PA Life staff writer Vincenzo Ferrara investigates…

It might seem crazy to think that just because you change one or two small things in your office that the world will change overnight and in all honesty, it won’t. But, if you start these little changes in the workplace, you’ll be on the right path to helping the world be a nicer, more sustainable place.

We have searched far and wide to create this list of some of the easiest office hacks to make your workplace green and give you the satisfaction that you are on the path to help save the planet.

1. Get a desk plant
If you are able, bring in a desk plant to improve indoor air quality and bring some nature into the office. Plants produce oxygen, offsetting any chemicals released in the workplace by new furniture and air conditioning units, making it cleaner and happier for everyone.

2. Go paperless
This tip almost seems trivial given the digital age we now live in. From cloud storage services to digital pay stubs, the need for paper and printers in the workplace has rapidly decreased in the past two decades. Diminish the temptation to print by reducing the number of printers in your office and donating them to a local school or non-profit organisation in need.

3. Maximise the sun
If your office space is equipped with windows, this is really a no-brainer. About 25 per cent of the electricity consumed at work is due to lighting office spaces. Cut your environment and financial losses by opening the blinds and letting the natural daylight pour into your workplace.

4. Dress code
We understand this depends on the industry you work in, but if your office sets a more casual dress code, which will see far fewer people in suits, this means much less dry cleaning. Not only better for the environment but also your health and everybody’s finances.

5. Turn off
It might surprise you to hear that the majority of office power is consumed by machines that are not off. Standby power is a massive and an unnecessary expense that also damages the environment. Before leaving the office at night make sure your employees turn off their computers instead of just putting them to sleep. Some offices install a master switch, which will turn off all the devices connected to the mains plugs. It will teach your staff to save their work or lose their work and will cut your energy bills dramatically.

Look out for the Nov/Dec 2018 of PA Life where we investigate how PAs can make a difference in their office and how the hospitality industry is tackling the issue.