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5 reasons why you should update your team headshots with Soora

By Nina Assam, Director at Soora

1. Sessions start from as little as £30 per head for team shots or £80 for individual sessions and you can choose to have these in a professional studio setting or on location in a lifestyle setting. We also have a studio in south west London, so if a team member is absent, we can ensure a constant delivery of images at our studios.

2. You get to select up to 5 images (10 files) fully re-touched and enhanced to make you look great. (5 in colour and 5 in black & white). You will not be disappointed with the end result as we provide you with guidance prior to the shoot so that we make sure we produce a set of headshots that best represent you and your brand.

3. The sessions are fast and fun, so we won’t take too much of your time. We always come in two’s to ensure a speedy and productive session on location whilst maintaining the highest quality and end result.

4. We can come to your office if you have no time to come to us. Our portable studio and lighting equipment is easy to assemble and we’ve now mastered it down to a T in the most awkward of locations. All we ask is that you provide some power.

5. One session can create images suitable for LinkedIn, internal comms, social media, blogs, websites and what the heck, one for your mum’s mantel piece too as we provide all our images in high resolution format! And, best of all our post production treatment is award winning and unbeaten. We spend a great deal of time retouching and enhancing a little at a time to ensure a realist but highly polished result that will definitely stand out from the croud. : 07905 818028 :