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5 signs you’re being bullied at work

Just about every office has its difficult people. Many UK employees say they’ve felt undervalued in their roles, but how can you tell if you’re being bullied? Here are five signs a line has been crossed.

1 Not getting credit for your work
Receiving proper recognition for your effort on a big project is key to happiness at work. If a boss or colleague repeatedly takes credit for what you do, you definitely have a problem.

2 Being aggressively managed
Bosses are meant to be fair on every employee, but sometimes they’re the biggest bullies. Public discipline, impolite or unprofessional word choices and impossible deadlines are all signs that you’re the target of their wrath.

3 Bearing the brunt of jokes
A bit of friendly banter and poking fun at others in the name of friendliness is harmless. However, bullies will focus their humour at a specific person and may resort to trash-talking, name-calling and outright mocking.

4 Everyone gangs up on you
Bullies will do anything to gain the support of others. They’ll get your colleagues to turn against you, avoid you, or cut you out of conversations. It can even affect your work performance if you’re excluded from meetings at which vital information is given.

5 Feeling physically sick
Being the victim of a bully can have a negative impact on your health. You might feel physically ill when you think about the week ahead, or you might get nervous about meetings and office activities.

If you think you’re being bullied, document every incident and report the behaviour to a manager or your HR department. Bullying should never be accepted in the workplace, so take action to stand up to offenders.

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