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6 out of 10 UK graduates ‘over-qualified’

The UK has one of the highest percentages of graduates working in non-graduate jobs in Europe, according to a new report from the CIPD.

The report, Over-qualification and Skills Mismatch in the Graduate Labour Market, revealed that on the continent only Greece and Estonia have a higher percentage of graduates in roles that do not require a degree than the UK.

The report has found that UK has six out of ten (58.8%) graduates in positions they are deemed ‘over-qualified’ for. Germany’s figure, on the other hand, is at just ten per cent.

Suggestions from the report said that, overall, too many young people are being saddled with the burden of debt as they enter work, as a severe shortage of high-skilled jobs hinders their career ambitions.

In light of the results, the CIPD has called on employers to review their recruitment practices and not use degrees as a screening process for jobs that don’t require a higher education qualification. Chief executive of the CIPD, Peter Cheese, called the situation ‘unsustainable’ and said: “It’s crucial we, as a nation, take stock now of whether our higher education system is delivering desired returns for graduates, for organisations, and society.”

The CIPD is now calling on the government to conduct a large-scale review into higher education to ensure crucial public investment achieves the best value for all learners, and ensures its productivity plan includes a specific focus on creating more high-skilled jobs.

Lastly, the CIPD wants parents to discuss with their children about alternative options to university to ensure they are making the right decision for their future.