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IMAGINE. A Christmas party with a return to the roar of the 20s


IMAGINE. An experience that’ll take you, your staff and family to the spirit of the roaring 20s.

The Midas I, a luxury gifting concierge, is working with the great Untitled drinks maker to deliver unforgettable experiences one cannot forget. Roger Allen, the Founder of the Midas I: “We have partnered Untitled this Christmas so we can deliver the greatest of parties, tailored to your requirements; and we want to help you achieve this with parties you need to deliver for”.

This Christmas, why not recreate the roar of the 20s

Launching this Christmas, The Midas I are delighted to announce the creation of their first bespoke drink: The Midas I’s 1985 –  perfect base for the 20s style glamorous cocktails.

1985 refers to the alcohol volume of this traditionally inspired styled Gimlet developed with some of the UK’s finest Gin distillers, and based on the botanicals of tropical sorrel.


100 bottle giveaway

To celebrate the launch The Midas I are arranging and hosting a number of events and giveaways, with a 100 bottle giveaway. “Our guests are invited lend their taste puds as we are keen to find out what everyone things of The Midas I’s 1985 which was inspired by the spirit of the roaring 20’s.”

The 1920s were a time of upbeat spirits and jazz clubs, an atmosphere The Midas I can bring for any type of event. “We are already experiencing great demand for this Christmas, and we plan to use it in order to showcase our spirit and eye for design.”

The Midas I gifting concierge offers top-of-the-line tailoring too

The top-of-the-line tailors and suppliers working with The Midas I can provide quality company clothing and flower arrangements – whatever your corporate identity needs are for celebration events. Orders can be accommodated with short lead times so let us know if our tailors can help you.

The Midas I believe that you deserve our utmost respect and attention; we would be delighted to offer our services to you.

As the New Year approaches, let’s embrace the opportunities it brings …

Phone: +44 7790 802522

About the Midas I luxury gifting concierge service

As the consultants in The Midas I are trained Architects, Interior Designers, Artists and Executive Consultants who will instantly understand the key details that surround the perfect gift. Your time is precious. Business to Business. The PA’s safe place. The Midas I will be the PA’s best friend. A consultancy service for the consultant results in a smooth, seamless, and polished result, every time.

We interviewed Roger Allen from The Midas I about the unique luxury gifting concierge service he provides to corporate and private clients.