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Admin professionals gaining clout

Many of us already recognize the importance of administrative staff, but new research suggests that their influence is growing. Three in five (60%) senior managers surveyed by staffing firm OfficeTeam and the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) as part of the Office of the Future project said support staff are more valued now by their companies than they were 10 years ago. 62% of administrative workers who were polled agreed.

Other findings:
Managers and support staff didn’t see eye to eye on the most important skill for success in the administrative profession. Time management topped the list for executives polled, (39%) while 30% of administrative workers surveyed cited organizational abilities.

Both managers (38%) and administrative professionals (61%) indicated flexibility is the most valuable attribute for support personnel, outranking a positive attitude, initiative and diplomacy.

“Although much of what administrative professionals do occurs outside the limelight, many are taking on expanded roles to assist with everything from implementing technology to budgeting,” says Robert Hosking, Executive Director of OfficeTeam. “Support staff who are flexible can adapt to changing situations and give a lift to the entire team by introducing new tools and processes that promote efficiency.”

Visit to view an infographic of the survey results or learn more about the research