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Agent Provocateur details first Valentine’s Campaign

Remember the time when we…how many times has that been said over the course of every relationship? All couples have special moments they look back on together, and while weddings, births and first dates are obvious ones, there are those private moments that you need to remember just as well.

With that special day fast approaching, Agent Provocateur debuts its first Valentine’s Campaign with a film directed by Vicky Lawton; starring Eliza Cummings launching Monday, January 22.

With several vignettes due to launch on site, each clip reminds us all there’s a thrilling decadence to beautiful lingerie, with lustrous silks and vibrant lace as the secret foundations to building that perfect lingerie wardrobe.

Agent Provocateur has created each tantalising scenario ready to be explored for all of your (or his) wishes.

Remember the birthday cake I made, from scratch

Eliza Cummings featured wearing the Gabby one piece set to make her partner the most delicious birthday cake he’s ever had.

Remember…date night?

Time to pull out all the stops and try something really unconventional. Wearing Felinda under that salacious outfit, is a sure way to have fun but keep the night interesting.

Remember the changing room?

Why not go shopping together for something sexy? With plenty of pieces available like the Izzy or a vibrant red hue piece like Alannah he won’t be able to keep his eyes of you. Remember that if all goes well, you probably won’t be wearing whatever you pick out for very long…

Remember the most important meal of the day…breakfast

The best way to look good is to be able to whip up breakfast at a moment’s notice. And Eliza Cummings illustrates that perfectly wearing the infamous Lorna with beautiful scalloped edges. Start the day as how most of us would like to end it.

To keep the spark alive or try igniting it, AP has re-created these enticing and let’s face it fun memories you need this romantic month and forever. This Valentine’s Day strike the perfect playful/provocative balance with Agent Provocateur as the go-to destination for beautifully crafted lingerie for every occasion.

Launching Monday, January 22nd 2018. Check out the range here