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ASAP unveils new Agent Quality Accreditation

The ASAP has launched a new Agent Quality Accreditation Programme

The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) is delighted to announce the first three serviced apartment booking agents to be quality accredited under it’s new Agent programme.

James Foice, Chief Executive of the ASAP, comments: “I am very pleased to announce that SilverDoor, The Apartment Service and Room-B have successfully achieved full compliance and have been awarded ASAP’s new Agent Quality Accreditation.

“It is critically important to our sector that ASAP’s booking agent members demonstrate the highest standards of industry recognised best practice, in the same way as our quality accredited operators do. The programme involves an independent assessor visiting an agent to conduct a thorough business analysis to fully understand compliance, due diligence and duty of care practices and responsibilities. It is imperative that our members provide a product either directly or through the services of an agent that as a minimum meets the expectations of the client. I am confident that our rapidly expanding accreditation programme provides the necessary assurance the consumer is now demanding in order to stay at a serviced apartment with confidence.”

Accreditation involves understanding specific processes, including a robust Health and Safety framework, anti-bribery policy, clear commission processing protocol and appropriate insurance cover. Each agent will be expected to differentiate ASAP accredited operators from non-accredited operators, ensure the apartment provider they represent will hold necessary insurances, fire safety risk assessments, safe electrical appliances and have a robust health and safety regime.

Every booking agent to achieve the ASAP Quality Accreditation will display the ASAP Agent Quality Accreditation Marque.

ASAP expects the majority of its booking agent members to become quality accredited in the next 12 months.

View the full list of all ASAP’s quality accredited operators and agents HERE.