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Beyoncé scolds her PA on the red carpet

PAs have to be prepared for anything, including the occasional scolding from their boss. Beyoncé’s PA learned the hard way this week that it doesn’t pay to get in the diva’s way.

Walking the red carpet at the Tidal X: 1020 live music event in Brooklyn, New York, “Queen B” wore a revealing low-cut red gown that easily could’ve lead to one of those famous “wardrobe malfunctions” the stars are so prone to.

Realising this, her unnamed yet resourceful PA decided to step in to help her arrange the dress before the paparazzi started snapping away, but as one photographer shouted “Over here, queen”, Beyoncé told her to “stop it” through a clenched smile. The assistant stood back and the singer slipped into posing without missing a beat.

Note to self: never get in the way of the boss’s photo opps… 

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