Bosses say millennials are the most demanding

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Millennials expect more from management teams and require the most support in the workplace than any other generation, according to new research.

A Cascade HR study of 1,000 bosses and senior-level managers from companies across the UK found that out of the four generations – Baby Boomers, Generation X, millennials and Generation Z – millennials came out on top as the most demanding set of employees. Just under two-thirds (63%) of bosses said that workers of this generation required the most guidance and support from managers.

When asked about workers they’ve dealt with over their careers, 48% of bosses felt that millennial employees were more reliant on detailed targets and required regular progress meetings in order to stay motivated. However, the majority of bosses (89%) agreed that these demands for support indicated that millennials were highly career driven.

More than 39% of bosses named Generation X as the most self-sufficient workers when asked which age group was more suited to an independent working style, while Baby Boomers came in at a close second (34%).

Millennials were also cited as the generation most incentivised by reward and praise, (41%) followed by Generation X, (26%) Baby Boomers (22%) and Generation Z, (11%) while Generation X had the biggest desire for a work-life balance (37%).

With millennials expecting more from their employers, 51% of managers admitted that it’s difficult to find and retain these workers for a long time. Baby Boomers were cited as the most loyal towards their employers (47%).

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