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The Eastside Rooms’ Event Heroes


Organising events is not getting easier. Far from it. With the advent of hybrid formats, the need to be aware of more health and safety processes, the increase in food and dietary requirements, shorter lead times, more input from just about anyone and everyone, and that’s without even looking at sustainable events.

This is not a simple process. It never has been, but it’s getting worse right?

That’s all fine though, we are strong and competent, we get through, but not everyone who organises events is an event organiser by trade. Especially with PA’s, this is just one part of the job which requires so many more aspects and pressures, outside of organising parties, conferences, meeting and events.

Eastside Rooms’ Event Heroes are the PA and EA community

That’s why, here at The Eastside Rooms, we’re nominating Event Heroes; today it’s the PA & EA community.

This may not mean a huge amount, and it probably won’t clear the inbox any time soon. But it’s nice to be appreciated and it’s nice to be told that you’re appreciated.

It’s also nice to know that help is on hand every time you book a meeting or event at The Eastside Rooms. Our mantra is ‘relationship first’. It means we make it our priority to build long term relationships at the expense of short-term gains. We bend our backs to accommodate you and your business, we load our teams up so you get the help and support you need, we basically do everything we can to help you sleep well the night before the event.

Sometimes this is just what the doctor ordered. And a little appreciation at the end of the day.

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