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British employees completing work in pubs

30% of British workers have completed work tasks at the pub, according to research by Plantronics.

Furthermore, one in five has done work from the park, while 16% have done the same on the beach. 11% have worked from the gym and 4% have even worked from the golf course.

Nine-to-five no longer applies to 40% of British workers and their perceptions of a work/life balance. Indeed, more than one in four people say their bosses expect them to be contactable on days off and nearly half said they have taken work calls on their day off.

Clearly then, an independent and individual approach is what is needed for firms to attract and retain the UK’s top talent. Flexible working is one of the best ways to attain a modern work/life balance.

Paul Clark, Plantronics’ North-Western Europe GM, says: “As long as work gets done, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s in a park or a pub and not in the office. It’s all about finding the right work/life balance for them and their employers.”