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Charlie Wilcox, ACC Aviation on what you need to know about private jet charter

what- you-need-to-know-about-private-jet-charter

PA Life talked to Charlie Wilcox, Deputy Director of Charter at ACC Aviation about what you need to know about private jet charter.

I joined the company last year in May. For over 16 years, I have worked for a number of aviation companies within the logistics and air charter sector. Aviation is my passion, it is a fast-paced and very unpredictable business as each request is different, and the requirements can change at the last minute. But I like it that way as it keeps me and my team on our toes and makes our job certainly interesting.

1. Who are ACC Aviation and what’s special about your private jet charter offering?

ACC Aviation is a global aviation services company. We offer Aircraft Charters, Aircraft Leasing and Aviation Consulting Services. As we work across multiple aviation sectors, this allows our charter team to access a large network of aircraft operators worldwide, giving our customers a range of choices for their private jet travel. We also understand that businesses operate in a vibrant environment and that travel requests and changes to itineraries may come at very short notice. We work hard to provide a fast response, and thanks to our global presence, our customers can reach us anytime and anywhere in the world, 24/7. Our emphasis is on providing specialised charter advice and complete flight management for whatever the travel scenario.

2. Who are your typical customers?

We have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with individuals, businesses and organisations across industries. Some of our clients include elite sports teams, famous music bands, TV and film producers, energy companies and even government bodies. We also support major Travel Management Companies with travel programmes for their clients. The spectrum of our clientele is broad, which requires our team to have a good understanding of different industry travel patterns as each request is specific and needs an individual approach.

Private jet travel is on the up in the UK

3. PAs and EAs are looking for value for money when flying Executives from A to B and back with short notice. Can you offer this?

If the priority is flexibility, time efficiency and a solution that is tailored to an individual travel itinerary, then definitely yes. Chartering a business jet allows executives to make multiple stops in a single day, handle private meetings onboard, and return home without needing a hotel booking. We can accommodate last-minute requests in case meeting overruns or if the executives are asked to attend a dinner, as an example. Depending on the availability, our team can arrange all types of aircraft within a couple of hours from the request.

4. How are your private jet solutions supporting businesses?

We can support businesses with multiple travel solutions. We fly company executives and team members to meetings. Our corporate shuttle programmes are an effective travel solution for businesses with dispersed teams and tight schedules operating across multiple sites. These programmes run with flexible scheduling that can be adjusted to meet changing demands. We also support corporations with ad hoc group charter projects, whether it is a launch of an event, a MICE initiative, a corporate getaway or anything else. When chartering an aircraft for a large group, our clients can choose to control everything. Alternatively, our experienced charter team can work on their behalf.

5. What do PAs and EAs need to know about private jet charter ahead of their first booking?

Of course. Our team is always on hand to provide advice on the best available aircraft, and we guide our clients throughout the process to make sure that the whole process is easy. However, we always recommend having the route, date, preferred flight times, departure location, and the number of passengers to hand so that we can choose the best available aircraft for the trip. It’s always good to know as well how much luggage they are carrying! It is worth noting that the price of private jets fluctuates and is dependent on a few factors – the type of aircraft you choose, the airport and whether the aircraft needs to be relocated. The more details you can give on your private jet requirements, the more accurate the cost will be.

6. Environmental agenda – how is ACC Aviation approaching the demand for green flying?

We are acutely aware that our industry contributes to the environmental impact, and speaking to our industry colleagues, corporations are keen to invest in greener travel. In line with our commitment to reduce our carbon output and offset our emissions, we have extended our carbon offsetting plan to our clients, who have the opportunity to join us in our goal towards greener aviation and offset their travel. Combined with the constant Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) technology updates and reviews, our charter team are always evolving in their solutions offered for greener travel.

7. And how to best contact ACC Aviation

Clients can call us directly on +44 1737 232 230 or email

Our team is available 24/7, and we are always happy to help.


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