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Care of company cars causes confusion

Fleet managers are under constant pressure from budget restrictions and wear and tear charges often feel like a sting in the tail at the end of a leasing contract. The lastest survey from Venson Automotive Solutions reveals that 58% of company car drivers think it’s their employer’s responsibility to get the car serviced at the appropriate times, even though the employee is accountable.

Key findings:
58% see car servicing as their employer’s responsibility
17.5% wouldn’t report minor damage to their employer
28% of drivers ignore dashboard warning lights
Only 52% top up water coolants if they drive a company car

When asked if they undertake any vehicle maintenance, company car drivers are least likely to top up water coolants, (52%) with only 53% checking oil levels. In contrast, only 66% check their tyre pressures and inflate if necessary. Even more concerning is that almost one in three drivers (28%) ignore warning lights on the dashboard.

Venson’s top tips to reduce wear and tear charges:
Use daily/weekly/monthly (depending upon vehicle usage) vehicle checks to spot issues early.
Consider implementing a fleet policy that recharges fees back to drivers if incidents aren’t reported.
Ensure your fleet provider has a clearly defined end of contract damage process to avoid hidden charges.
Regularly communicate and educate drivers on what needs reporting to the fleet team.
Make sure you have a pre-collection inspection prior to the end of your contract to allow any issues to be addressed or claimed through insurance.
Use driver training and an ongoing education program to ensure drivers are driving safely which in turn will reduce accidental damage.