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How to start your career as a PA

How-to-become-a-PA- with-no-experience

If you love a role that is diverse and will give you an insight to the workings of an organisation, then a PA career would be a perfect road for you. Sienna Shipton asked PA and EA training experts Lindsay Taylor, the Co-Founder and Director of Your Excellency Limited and Adam Fidler, the founder of the Adam Fidler Academy for advice on how to become a PA without any experience. 

How to become a PA with no experience

Tips to succeed as a PA

Acknowledge that no two days will be the same, flexibility in your thinking and behaviours is key. As well as being professional at all times. To succeed as a PA make sure you know who the key stakeholders are – get to know the key people who will make your life easier, and being transferable for these different stakeholders.

How to become a PA without any experience

Adam Fidler and Lindsay Taylor’s key tips for becoming a PA both begin with your CV, and exhibiting your previous skills to be transferable to the role.

A recognised qualification on your CV/resume is a great start to becoming a PA. Yours Excellency Limited have Essential PA Programme learners (a Programme that incorporates an Ofqual regulated qualification).  They encourage their learners to learn from each other and to join PA networking groups. To get to know all there is about the PA profession, as well as read industry articles and magazines.

Don’t underestimate that your passion for the role and your ‘want’ to be a PA can come across at interview. You have transferrable skills from previous/current roles that can be used in a PA role.  You will already have some skills that form the foundations of a successful PA. You’re probably keen to be a PA because you have great organisation skills, you enjoy the fact that no two days are the same in this role and you are confident at communicating with different people. Provide evidence of these skills.  Have examples ready, such as customer service, retail, office skills, personable skills are key and really emphasise your appetite for working under pressure.

Mistakes made by PAs

The ten fatal mistakes are also discussed by Adam Fidler’s LinkedIn page. Adam gives us an insight to ‘Gabby Abby’, which he emphasises you not to be like! Don’t be over confident and never forget humility. It is vital to be personable and talkative but even more important to balance this and make sure the work is done. You can see more on Adam’s article here, focusing on the in depth approach to current mistakes of PAs and EAs.

Adam is the Career Development columnist for PA Life. In this column he talks about taking ownership of your career.

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