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    2018 is the year dreams come true

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    Brits have declared 2018 the year they follow their dreams, according to research by Huawei. The news comes as the tech giant revealed that around half of British workers felt as if they had failed in pursuing their dreams in 2017, with many going as far as to give up on their hobbies in order […]

    How to get your CV to stand out this Christmas

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    The Christmas break is a big time for job hunters, so if you’re looking to apply to more positions this holiday season, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. This time of year, recruiters have admitted to throwing 90% of CVs they receive straight in the bin, and recruitment experts want applicants to make […]

    Could you do a better job than your boss?

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    Millions of Brits see themselves as a better manager than their actual management, according to a new study by Multilotto. 44% of workers reckon they have more effective leadership skills than their superiors; Two in five believe they could improve communication channels with other members of staff, and one third would take efforts to organise […]

    What lucky charms do you bring to job interviews?

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    You’ve arranged to meet for a job interview, but how do you prepare? A superstitious bunch, us Brits will regularly depend on good luck charms to make us feel more confident when it comes to job interviews, deadline days and other stressful situations. I personally have never entered a job interview without first playing the […]

    What’s the secret to becoming a CEO?

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    What career path should you consider if you’re aiming for the top? According to new research, a ‘traditional’ job and a lot of patience is the secret to success. Bernard Forgues from emlyon business school worked with colleagues to identify the career trajectories of the top 100 CEOs according to the Fortune 100 listing of […]

    How interviewers scare recruits

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    New research by totaljobs has revealed how interviewers use scare tactics and intimidation to catch their candidates off-guard. The study aims to highlight the weak areas recruiters exploit to challenge potential employees. 49% of interviewers said they have intentionally asked difficult questions while interviewing a candidate. Interestingly, 20% admitted they’d adopted negative body language and 17% […]

    How much do you trust your boss?

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    Workers across the UK have revealed what they value in a boss, and how well their management live up to expectations. With many having a clear idea of how staff should behave and what to look for in a valuable employee, workplace incentive provider One4all Rewards has shifted the spotlight to employers to review what […]

    Employee resignations reach a five-year high

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    XpertHR has revealed that the resignation rate has spiked steadily since 2012, when it stood at 10.6 per cent. Employee resignations are at a five-year high with one in seven (15.5%) resigning from their job in 2016. According to the latest data from XpertHR, a UK online source of legal compliance, labour turnover statistics from 288 […]

    Why can’t you find a job?

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    It’s the question nobody wants to hear, but what’s stopping you from landing a new job? You’ve got the qualifications, you know what to say and you know how to look, yet you’re still being beaten to positions by someone else. Maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy, and the specialists at CV Library have […]

    How PAs need to embrace change – Live from the Academic Venue Showcase

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    The role of PAs has evolved and changed as much as the industries they work within over the past 10 years. Innovations in technology, changes in expectations and an increased desire to have access to information on-demand has meant that what is expected of PAs, EAs and VAs has shifted. Discussing how to lean into […]