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How to become a successful Virtual Assistant


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many professionals found themselves at a crossroads in their careers. One individual who seized this opportunity for change is former law firm employee Emilie Ashwood, who transformed her knack for supporting overwhelmed colleagues into a successful virtual assistant business. And that’s not all – she has already won the National “VA of the Year 2023 – Solo VA” Award. While solid foundations were laid to establish the business, Emilie credits her ongoing success to two key factors: curiosity and motivation. So, how can these qualities empower you to become a successful virtual assistant?

The power of curiosity in a Virtual Assistant

Curiosity is a driving force that fuels the pursuit of knowledge and pushes you to continually improve your business. By embracing this curiosity, you can identify and implement innovative solutions that facilitate efficient client support.

Moreover, an ability to think outside the box enables you to bring fresh ideas to your clients’ businesses. Just because something is not broken doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Recognising and understanding why existing strategies work enables you to seek ways to enhance them further. By challenging the status quo, you can provide a unique perspective that rejuvenates your clients’ businesses, helping them to stand out in competitive markets.

Staying agile and adaptable in a dynamic industry

In an ever-changing world, staying curious and agile is crucial. Keeping up with the evolving nature of social media and technological advancements is essential for staying relevant and meeting the diverse needs of clients. A genuine love for learning and adapting to new challenges plays a significant role in your success as a virtual assistant.

The motivation and drive of a successful Virtual Assistant

Running a virtual assistant business comes with its fair share of challenges, and it takes inner fire and determination to stay motivated through thick and thin. You need to be able to dig deep and find the motivation to keep going, even during challenging times. An unwavering determination propels you to provide consistent and reliable support to your clients, ensuring both your business and theirs thrive.

Additional skills and attributes for Virtual Assistants

Many virtual assistant skills are similar to that of a PA/Admin support role: problem-solving, initiative, pro-activeness, great communication and skills that can be packaged into services. But at the cornerstone of these is that steadfast commitment to staying curious and motivated. These qualities allow you to explore new possibilities, improve existing strategies, and adapt to ever-changing market trends.

By harnessing the power of curiosity and maintaining unwavering motivation, you can offer a refreshing perspective and become invaluable partners for your clients, driving your businesses towards continued success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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