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Running a Virtual Assistant business, by Executive Franchise Hub Manager, Eloise

Running-a Virtual-Assistant-business-Alchemy-VA-Eloise-Robb

How do you write a ‘day in the life’ when no two days are the same?

And a Virtual Assistant is just a Personal Assistant, right…?

Alchemy VA’s very own Eloise Robb shares a typical day in her Virtual Assistant business and sets the record straight on those limiting beliefs…

A typical day when you run a Virtual Assistant business

06.00 – I’m a semi-early riser (The 5am Club is a stretch for me!). I get my gym or yoga session in to energise my brain and set me up for the day. After that, I’ll review my priorities for the day and get a plan in place.

07.00 – The ‘hurry up and get ready for school!’ power hour begins. But, I’m prepped and ready for them, so we get breakfast together, socks and shoes on both feet, trumpet and rugby kits in hand and happily skip out the door (sometimes – child cooperation dependent)

09.00 – Coffee in hand, I get into my working day. I like to schedule my week so that I know what days I’m creating content, for example, and when I’m taking calls. I’m ready for anything and there when my clients need me, but having this foundation schedule for the week helps keep me in the zone to be creative, talkative, or get my head in a spreadsheet on a given day. I contact anyone that has urgent needs this morning and get meetings underway.

10.30 – Obligatory biscuit…

10.32-12.00 – A couple more brews and ticking things off my list. I do as I say and can’t leave anything unfinished; call it a flaw, but I absolutely love the satisfaction of getting the job done for my clients.

12.00 – I’m at home most days, and I always make sure I’ve time to prepare and eat properly – my brain is no good to anyone if it’s running on a sad-looking sandwich and caffeine all day. So today, a delicious chicken salad keeps me in check and a walk in the sunshine. If I’m creating content or helping a client find solutions for an issue they have, a walk can be just the shot of dopamine I need to get some juicy ideas going!

13.00 – Back to it, revived with protein and fresh air, I’m working through client calls with very different requirements for each. One I’m working with is looking for help with blog writing and keyword research, and another is looking for accounting support with the Self Assessment deadlines looming. Adaptability is everything in this job, and I love the variation.

15.00 – Snacks in hand – they always want snacks – I head out for school pick-up. In previous jobs, I always handed this over to grandparents, afterschool clubs and the like, but I knew I wanted to do these trips myself, and now I can.

16.00 – The kiddos are settled, so back to it. And it’s relaxed – both clients and kids know I’m here, and I’m productive and proactive knowing they’re happy. I check off my achievements for the day and round up with clients who have ongoing projects so they know where we are at – communication is critical.

17.00 – Final review of the day and get ahead, setting my priorities for tomorrow. Every day can turn up new requests, challenges, deadlines and more, so I never assume the next day will be like the last!

17.30 – Family time. I love having time to make a family meal, cheer them on at sports and try my hand at whooping them on the Xbox (they do NOT like being beaten by Mum) and by me deciding when my day finishes, I get to do this nearly every day.

21.00 – I love them dearly, but boy do I love sinking into a thrilling boxset, a good book and shooting the breeze with my other half. It’s not midnight. I’m not ramming coffee in, pinning my eyes open to do work for unachievable deadlines. I’m not chasing my tail and trying to find time to be a partner and mother after work – it all works in harmony.

So, you may read this and think, ‘well, that’s a nine to five, nothing new there’ – and on this day and many others, that’s true….

But it’s MY nine-five.

A day in the life of a Virtual Assistant – chosen by Eloise, for Eloise

This is a schedule I have chosen because it works for me in term-time. When the holidays come around, I change it up. Kiddos have appointments? No problem, I don’t need to ask myself for permission. And that, to me, is true freedom. I can plan my time around my family and children, and the Alchemy franchise team gives me unwavering support and backup so I can run my business. I can go to assemblies, coffee mornings and activities anytime I plan them in, and build a client portfolio and thriving business simultaneously.

The best thing about running my Virtual Assistant business

First and foremost, I’m a parent – the best job in the world! But, I want to work and have a lot to give, with bags of experience across many aspects of business and a valuable network to leverage.

My Alchemy Virtual Assistant Franchise allows me to help people and is hugely satisfying. Their appreciation of the time and support I give them is why I do what I do. Yes, of course, the money is there, but there’s nothing better than receiving a recommendation. That is the highest reflection of the good work that we do.

Running my Virtual Assistant business is empowering.

I feel in control of my own destiny and am grateful I can provide for my family by doing something I love. And it’s not easy, that would be boring!

But I am very organised, practical and don’t get ruffled easily. I am a good listener and very honest, which my clients love about me.

Moreover, I am a people person, and I love building relationships. I have clients that came on board when I started the business over two years ago. We have a great working relationship, and they recommend me to many of their clients.

A common misconception is that we are ‘just’ a Virtual PA service. Of course, we can do PA work – diary management and Concierge type services – but we do so much more than that. We are adept with numbers and spreadsheets. We can write (properly!), design and schedule business social media, proofread documents and write blogs and content for websites. The list is endless, and we very rarely turn down a project that we know we can make a big impact with!

To anyone considering hiring a Virtual Assistant, ask yourself this…

Are you struggling to find time to expand or even just run your business because the nitty gritty day-to-day tasks are getting too much?

Are you working solo and need someone to second-eyes and soundboard with you?

Decide to release some of your daily tasks and put your faith in a Virtual Assistant to take the reigns. And talk to us! Every relationship is different, and we can help you work out what you need…

If you are reading this and think, ‘I want to start my OWN Virtual Assistant business!’, I say, GO YOU!


Ultimately, if you like variety and are super organised with your time, it really is the best career choice in the world. You will be in charge of your destiny, and that is a feeling like no other.

Visit to learn more about Virtual Assistant franchise opportunities with Alchemy VA.


Alchemy VA was shortlisted in the Great British Entrepreneurs Awards 2021